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Opposite Action

Opposite Action

Often in recovery we have strong motivations and desires to do what we think we need to do. We are taught early on that often our desires and wants, what we believe is best for us, may not be what is best for us. This is an example of “The Will”.

As we learn about ourselves, who we are, What we want, and most of all what has been feeding her addiction, we realize that our Will plays a huge role in this process. We have tailored our Will, our desires, our values, our lifestyle to doing everything around supporting our addiction. The only way to support a recovery lifestyle is to take opposite action.

This can sometimes be extremely difficult for us especially when we still have a lot of strength left in us. When we know what we want and are working toward getting it often we have difficulty seeing other routes to take. This can sometimes lead to us making crucial decisions that could lead us in directions that do not support a recovery down the road.

Taking opposite action can feel extremely foreign and uncomfortable and can be the most difficult thing to do in a recovery.

We need to test our thinking, learn to open up and talk to others and not just rely on the self. It helps to have a support system that is ongoing with other individuals that can help point out when we may be stepping back into addictive patterns.

Trying out opposite action is like learning to walk again. We may find benefits that come right away but some may not come until after we’ve walked a couple miles.  The beauty comes in continued practice, perseverance, and believing in ourselves that we can make these changes and that a life of recovery will be successful no matter what.

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