Equine Therapy
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Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

Horses have long been deeply loved by humans.  For centuries, horses have been friends and companions to mankind.  Connecting with these majestic animals has provided peace, comfort and joy for many.

Equine Therapy utilizes this unique bond between humans and horses to help those participating learn more about themselves.  This is because horses are very responsive to those who are approaching them.  If one approaches in a calm and centered manner, the horse will respond in kind.

However – if the horse is approached by someone who is anxious, the horse will also become anxious.  This provides immediate feedback to the participant and it allows them to learn how to ground themselves and become more peaceful . . . and also notice their changes being reflected in the horses!

Many who have participated in this style of therapy have shared their positive experiences and their personal growth as they have learned how their demeanor and presence influences those around them.  Because they received this feedback during equine therapy, their defenses were down and they were able to incorporate these important lessons!

Every week, AToN residents have the option to attend equine therapy at http://thereinsofchange.com/ – and those who try it, tend to return week after week.

Equine therapy is one of the many opportunities available to residents to assist them in anxiety management, grounding and self care.

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