Becoming Whole

Becoming Whole

When a bone is fractured, there are many variables that determine if and how well it heals. Seeking proper treatment as soon as possible is the most important factor in order for the fracture to heal correctly. Often, there are surgical corrections to be made, including possibly placing pins or screws in place to keep the bone in the correct position during the healing process. There is also typically some type of brace or cast surrounding the injured area which provide protection and support during the initial healing process. With the best medical intervention, we have a good chance of that bone becoming whole again.

When we have used substances to a point that our lives have been fractured, we also need to seek proper treatment as soon as possible. The treatment may be a process that can be painful at times, not unlike surgery. But if we seek a complete healing of our mind, body, and soul, then, like the pins and screws which help maintain position, we can allow ourselves to heal correctly. With the support and protection of licensed and trained professionals surrounding us through the initial healing process, then we give ourselves the best chance of becoming whole again.

Seeking Treatment

Sometimes, if we have a broken bone, we try to ignore it. Usually, at some point, though, the pain and swelling around it become too much and we have to seek treatment. That is not unlike many of us with our substance abuse. We know deep down that we are not healthy, but it often takes something bigger or more painful to push us into seeking treatment.

Admitting that we need help for substance abuse can be one of the hardest things we do. Following through and actually getting the help that we need can also be one of the best things that we can do for ourselves. When we seek treatment, it is not only to cleanse and heal the body, though, it is also a chance to heal our minds and our souls from the fractures that substance abuse can cause in our lives.

Healing the Body

When we think of treatment for substance abuse, most people are likely to think about detoxification and sobriety, particularly as to how they impact the body. Obviously, both stopping the influx of substances as well as cleansing the body of substances are very important. However, substances have far more reaching impact on our bodies than just their immediate effect.

There are many devastating and long term physical side effects that can occur with substance use, even with alcohol alone. However, many side effects are reversible when we improve our diet and exercise routines. Like a limb that has been confined in a cast to heal a broken bone, our bodies need to rehabilitate from the substances previously ingested, as well as the lifestyles that often go along with substance use. As we provide our bodies with valuable nutrients in eating healthy, and as we use healing tools like yoga and other daily exercise regimes, then we can allow our bodies to heal properly.

Repositioning the Mind

Addiction can change the way our brain functions, particularly in the reward pathway. Much like a fracture that may need to be set or kept in place with pins or screws, our brain needs to be rewired or retrained to function normally. As we work in recovery using tools such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) as well as other evidence-based practices, we can rewire our minds and allow them to heal.

We will also likely have cravings for our previous substances, and we will need to learn how to cope with them to heal as well. Mindfulness meditation is one very important skill to learn, as it helps us to train our minds and, with practice, exercise greater control over thoughts and cravings. 

Strengthening the Soul

Recovering from substance use is not just a physical issue, nor is the mental piece the only other aspect. Substance use harms our souls, and we must also heal from the causes of our substance use, too, such as trauma, abuse, loss, or other events. In addition to therapeutic techniques which help heal both our minds and our souls, mindfulness meditation and yoga can also help heal mind, body and soul.

So many techniques in recovery are not limited to simply one area: mind, body, or soul, but rather focus on healing two or more aspects. This holistic healing is key to truly healing from our substance use, much like using multiple tools to heal a fracture. When we only focus on one, we cannot truly be healed. However, if we heal mind, body, and soul, we can become whole again.

When we are broken, we need healing that is beyond our own abilities. Just like we would go see an orthopedic specialist to heal from a bone fracture, we need specialists to help us become whole after our substance use. We can find treatment with as many tools as possible to provide us with the most holistic healing from our substance use. Our recovery can make us whole.

Become whole again. At AToN Center, we have a wide variety of treat options to meet your holistic healing needs. Call (888) 535-1516 now. 

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