How Do I Know the Value of Substance Treatment?

How Do I Know the Value of Substance Treatment?

There are so many reasons that we avoid or procrastinate getting treatment for substance use. Obviously, denial is a big part of addiction, and let’s face it – chronic substance use seriously impairs our level of functioning. Sometimes deep down inside of us, we know that we need help, yet we still make excuses not to get help. We may think it is too much of a hassle, or too much of an expense. Will it even be worth it? How do I know the value of substance treatment?

Choosing a Facility

While we are in crisis may not seem like the time to shop around, a few minutes of extra research can help our entire treatment process. There are many types of therapy, and thus many options to consider when choosing treatment. From inpatient to outpatient, substance abuse-focused to dual-diagnosis, there are treatment options available for all kinds of needs. First and foremost, we should always be sure that regardless of the option we choose, the facility is licensed and accredited. This is where we will be staying for a period of time, and we need to be sure that we will feel safe and comfortable. In order to get a better idea of which facility is right for you, many facilities have great websites that offer plenty of pictures and even virtual tours. A residential facility is ideal for the initial treatment, but be sure that they have medical staff available, particularly for detox. If this is not available for some reason, it would be safer to detox in a hospital or other medically supervised facility.

It should be clear upon our initial phone call if the approach of the staff matches with us and our needs. One of the best ways to find this out is to ask questions, even if they seem trivial. When we get our answers, we will know how invested they are in us and helping our recovery. We can also look to see if they have the amenities we need. Choosing a facility does not need to be like buying a house, but it is important that we feel secure and comfortable enough there to start our healing. There is great value in feeling safe and trusting that we are in good hands.

Choosing Treatment Methods

The best facilities offer many treatment methods for us to choose from so that we can create a personalized recovery plan for ourselves. There are many types of therapy, and if one is not working, it is great to have another option. Individualized therapy and small groups are ideal, as we can learn more about ourselves with more personalized therapy. There are also important skills to learn, such as mindfulness meditation, that can help us heal in treatment and take with us for the rest of our lives. 

Proper nutrition and exercise should be offered, and ideally, there will be different kinds of physical activity to meet our needs. Activities like yoga, which help bring mind, body, and soul together in our healing, are useful tools in our newfound sobriety. Other healing services like massage and acupuncture help to create a more holistic recovery. Having a number of choices available to shape and choose our own treatment is invaluable. 

What is Treatment Worth?

Most of the time substance use treatment is covered by health insurance since it is a medical issue. Receiving a service costs money, after all, but what is treatment really worth? Not just the costs, the hassle, the time missed from work or family – all things that we can put a quantitative value on. What is it worth to start the healing from our substance abuse, as well as the pain and trauma caused by it?

Is it worth it to us to make that call to work or to human resources and make arrangements for us to take a leave of absence? Is it worth it to make arrangements for family or other commitments? Is it worth it to work out the insurance or our own costs? These are the things that often stand in our way of making that phone call, of doing what we know we need to do. Will treatment be worth it?

The Value of Treatment

When we think about receiving treatment, it often comes at a low point in our lives. It also may be the only life we have ever known, a life that is rife with addiction and alcoholism. There is no monetary value that can be placed on this new life. When all that we have known is sadness, despair, and hopelessness, there is little that compares to escaping the nightmare that surrounds us. Imagining a life free of substances is almost impossible, that our minds could be clear and lives reclaimed. As such, there is no dollar amount that encompasses the treatment and recovery from the hopeless nature of addiction.  

Whatever is standing in the way of you picking up that phone is standing in the way of a life you can only dream of right now. You can heal and be sober. You can live free of the shackles of addiction. You can get your life back. The value of substance abuse treatment is the value of your life. You are worth it, whatever it takes.

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