Coronavirus (COVID-19)

AA Rehab
There is no higher priority at the AToN Center than the health and safety of our residents, and employees. We’re keeping a close watch on the developing global and local health situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are taking precautionary measures to minimize risk.

Due to COVID-19 there have been alterations to our regular program schedule.
Feel Free to download our updated COVID-19 schedule here:

Mask and Facial Covering Requirements

AToN Center is initiating important updates to our facial covering policies during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Effective immediately we will require that all new residents wear a mask or facial covering while outside of their rooms until their COVID-19 testing results are confirmed to be negative. The goal is to prevent any spread of the virus to any other residents or staff prior to receiving test results.

  • All intakes need to wear a mask or facial covering during their first few days of treatment
    • Intakes may take off their mask in their assigned bedrooms when alone
    • Intakes may take off their masks outside and more than 6 feet away from other individuals, particularly when smoking
    • Intakes may take off their masks to eat but should be more than 6 feet away from all other individuals
    • Please continue to encourage social distancing, particularly at the smoking table
  • New residents must wear facial coverings until the testing results are returned which generally takes 36 – 48 hours, but could be longer based on circumstances beyond our control
  • During this initial period of time before test result are returned, residents will not be invited to attend holistic sessions
  • During this initial period of time before test result are returned, residents will be invited to attend individual and groups session with current social distancing and facial covering practices.
    • They should wear a facial covering during these sessions unless they can be positioned more than 6 feet away from all group members
  • ALL residents must wear a mask when within 6 feet of an employee at ALL times throughout their treatment stay regardless of their negative test result.

The AToN Center values above all else, the safety of our residents and staff. This document is an overview of how AToN Center is currently managing the COVID-19 public health crisis within our own walls. As new information emerges about the transmission, treatment, and mitigation of coronavirus/COVID-19, our facility will update our policies surrounding these issues, which we currently view as a “living document.” Due to the nature of AToN Center being a healthcare facility that works with some high-risk individuals, we tend to lean toward protection in our approach when a choice needs to be made.

Your signature on this document acknowledges your agreement to adhere to our evolving plans to manage the safety of our Residents and staff. If you need to discuss any of the information contained in this document, feel free to alert our intake or clinical staff and we will review it with you.


  1. AToN Center has a permanent “Infectious Disease Designee” that is tasked with attending and accumulating the most up to date data on infectious disease. This position was active prior to the coronavirus/COVID-19 contagion and continues to be a vital part of how we remain current on updates and policy shifts from state and local
  2. AToN Center Administration meets as necessary to address new information on the contagion and we continue to monitor the situation and make updates to our practices.
  3. AToN Center has a Medical Director that is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, Family Practice, and Psychiatry. He is consulted regularly on the management of the AToN Center community.
  4. AToN Center has 24-hour staffing, trained to identify illnesses in Residents at any time. Please inform one of the Resident Assistants immediately if you feel ill so that we can meet your needs and keep the community safe.


  1. AToN Center is testing all admissions for COVID-19 via nasal specimen.
  2. Testing will be administered shortly after arrival and sent to an external laboratory for evaluation. Results are anticipated 2 – 3 business days.

Social Distancing

  1. AToN Center is adherent to social distancing protocols. When a Resident at AToN Center, please remain 6 feet from peers and staff as you interact. (Specific instructions for Resident Assistant staff will be addressed in this document)
  2. At admission, Residents at AToN Center will be given private sleeping quarters with their own restroom. Please use only your assigned restroom.
  3. Shared rooms and bathrooms will be utilized as necessary after residents have negative COVID-19 testing results and/ or have been at AToN Center for 14 days or more.
  4. Individual psychotherapy sessions at AToN Center will take place in preassigned locations that have measured markings for following social distancing guidelines. Please utilize the spaces marked for Residents at all times.
  5. Group therapy sessions at AToN Center will be conducted via telehealth or in person at preassigned locations that have measured markings to ensure social distancing guidelines. The clinicians are onsite during telehealth group sessions.
  6. Staff members are temperature screened daily prior to starting their shifts.
  7. Employees are instructed to self-identify known symptoms of coronavirus/COVID-19 and are required to have the virus ruled out before returning to work.
  8. At this time there is a suspension of non-medical off-site services.
  9. Visitation and outside visitors will not be allowed during this time.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  1. AToN Center provides face shields and/or facial coverings to all of its staff and residents.
  2. Healthcare Provider appointments will require the use of a mask and/or a facial shield by residents and Healthcare Provider. The Healthcare Provider may see many patients in outdoor locations and attempt to maintain social distancing when possible for your protection as well as theirs.
  3. Residents must wear facial masks or a facial shield when in close contact with any AToN Center staff member. This includes while Resident Assistant staff are monitoring vitals, during any physical assessments, and when having any interaction with staff that requires being in close proximity (six feet or less).


  1. AToN Center Staff will frequently and thoroughly sanitize commonly used surfaces throughout the house at least once per shift and often more frequently.
  2. All Staff must wash and/or sanitize their hands after having physical contact with any resident.
  3. Any shared equipment is sanitized between each use.
  4. AToN Center has adequate sanitation products at nursing stations and in medication rooms. Hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes may be used by residents with staff oversight.
  5. There is hand soap located in each restroom in the house. Please wash your hands frequently and use the CDC guideline of washing with soap for twenty seconds prior to rinsing them. This gives the soap and water time to break down the virus if a person is exposed.
  6. AToN Center has a full-time house-keeping staff that are trained to sanitize the bedrooms, restrooms and common areas to keep the entire premises clean. Please be mindful of the social distancing space they need to perform their duties.
  7. In addition to our full-time house-keeping staff, AToN Center has an outside cleaning company that comes in and deep clean our five houses once per week.

Resident Assistant (RA) Interactions

  1. New Admissions will be met outside of the facility by a Resident Assistant for a pre-admission coronavirus/ COVID-19 screening to include a temperature and symptom check. Any potential new admissions that screen positive will not be admitted to the facility until the virus has been medically ruled out.
  2. Some of the employment duties of the Resident Assistant staff require the compromise of social distancing protocols. Taking temperatures and other vital signs or aiding with resident medications all require compromise of these protocols. We ask that all of their instructions be followed and that all required PPE is used properly by both staff and residents.

Food and Meals

  1. Staff will deliver meals to each house rather than our customary communal dining at Chez AToN.
  2. Please request any changes or adjustments to your meals a minimum of one hour before the meal. Menus are accessible in advance on our SMART boards located in view within each house.
  3. Chefs and other food service related employees and staff that are assisting them are trained in sanitation and the proper use of PPE.

Sickness or Illness while at AToN Center

  1. If any resident becomes ill while at AToN Center we require them to please disclose this to our staff immediately.
  2. If a resident’s symptoms cannot be managed at AToN Center or if they are consistent with COVID-19, we will decide for them to have a formal screening performed.
  3. Should a resident test positive for COVID-19 they will not be able to complete their care with AToN Center until they have medically documented that their illness has subsided, they have completed a post illness 14-day quarantine period and have been approved for readmission by our Program Director.

Please Note: Due to the situation we are cancelling all March Events, and limiting access to campus. For a full list of canceled events please scroll to the bottom of this page.

During this outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), we remain committed to safeguarding the well-being of all AToN Center residents and employees. Please be aware that we are taking the following safety precautions in response to recent concerns and events:

  • Strengthening sanitation measures throughout our facilities with frequent sanitizing of workstations, computers, phones, all common areas and surfaces.
  • We will be prescreening all possible intakes to limit exposure.
  • Advising staff to prioritize their health and refrain from entering our facility if they have exhibited fever symptoms.
  • Empowering our residents and staff to stay informed regarding best practices in preventing the virus’s spread, including frequent hand-washing, frequent reminders to avoid touching your face, and more. See the CDC’s full list of Prevention Measures.
  • For staff, putting official protocol in place for overall sanitation and prevention measures (as mentioned above), as well as instructions for reporting of symptoms and travel.
  • Please be advised that in order to continue to provide a safe and therapeutic atmosphere for all who walk through our doors, visitation has been impacted in light of new developments regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

For more information and national updates on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. For your convenience, please find some CDC quick-reference links below:

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they arise.