What Makes AToN Different From Other Treatment Centers?
Aton Center is Different

What Makes AToN Different From Other Treatment Centers?

Aton Center is DifferentClinical Team – AToN’s Clinical Team includes six full time Licensed Clinical Psychologists and four full time Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors. Some Clinical Team members have been at AToN for over 5 years.

Individualized Treatment – Residents receive daily individual sessions, Monday through Friday. The AToN Clinical Team meets daily to discuss each resident and their treatment plan. Groups are small, no larger than 7 residents! There is NO getting lost in the shuffle at AToN! Residents participate in at least 20 hours of treatment a week.

Non 12 Step AND 12 Step – AToN Center encourages residents to design the community support program that works for them. We support our resident’s efforts to attend both Non 12 Step modalities and 12 Step meetings.

Curriculum – The AToN Clinical Team is continually redesigning our curriculum based on the most recent evidence based research. Specific evidence based modalities utilized are: Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relapse Prevention Skill Building and Assertiveness Training. Based on clinical need, residents may also attend peripheral biofeedback training and/or 90 minute EMDR sessions.

Family Contact – Ninety percent of our residents choose to participate in at least one family session.

Discharge Planning – AToN Clinical Team coordinates closely with sober livings, PHP/IOP programs and outpatient providers to create a solid and structured discharge plan.

Exposure Sessions – AToN takes residents on 2 supervised exposure outings a week. Residents may also attend individual exposure sessions with clinicians as needed.

Electronics – AToN Center allows electronics (including cell phones, tablets and laptops) for the entirety of the treatment episode. The Clinical Team monitors use closely and views outside triggers and distractions as valuable treatment opportunities.

Aftercare – Residents who complete treatment at AToN receive weekly phone calls and are invited to attend weekly Aftercare meetings. Additionally, AToN holds quarterly Alumni events.

Outcomes – AToN has not been shy about revealing our outcomes! AToN conducted a literature review to understand baseline relapse rates of individuals receiving substance abuse treatment as broken down by timeframe from last use.  Our sobriety rates exceed that of the National Baseline, which is to say, that we know that our treatment is more effective than the average treatment program.

What Makes AToN Center Different?In a one year long research study conducted at AToN, residents were assessed during the first three days of treatment and on their last day of treatment on the following domains: Distress Tolerance, Abstinence Self Efficacy and Coping Responses. Residents improved in all domains! Distress tolerance improved at 32 percent! Abstinence Self – Efficacy increased in average score from admission to discharge. Coping Responses increased from average ranges to somewhat above average ranges. All increases were found to be statistically significant

Ongoing outcome analysis post AToN has demonstrated that our Alumni have improved quality of life after discharge in multiple domains: physical health, emotional health, sober support and others!

For details and ongoing updates on relapse rates and other outcomes visit this page.

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