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AToN Center is a leading substance abuse treatment center located in San Diego, California. Many people enter alcohol and drug addiction treatment seeking a Non-12 Step rehab for drug and alcohol abuse or specializations in alternatives to 12 Step programming such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). Many of these treatment centers offer programs that are out of date and use verbiage that does not apply to everyone with behavioral addictions.

Those admitted to our San Diego luxury rehab rendering medical advice often tell us that they struggle with the term “disease” “alcoholic” and “powerlessness” that are often said during the treatment process. Also, wording contained within the 12 Steps makes reference to God or a higher power, and this can be alienating for individuals who are secular, or whose sense of faith has been weakened.

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Others report past negative experiences with meetings where the use of a substance were glorified, and these individuals also may have had a negative experience with a sponsor in a 12 Step addiction treatment recovery program who did not meet their needs during their recovery journey. In short, varying personal reasons have caused our clients to seek out our non-12 Step rehab program in San Diego.

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What is Non-12-Step Rehab?

Like 12-step programs, the goal of a Non-12 Step program is to help you remain abstinent from doing drugs and drinking alcohol. Some drug and alcohol rehab programs focus less on the aspect of a higher power than in a typical 12-step program. They also tend to specialize in up to date, unique aspects of self-empowerment, without labeling addiction as the term “disease” in a non-12 step rehab program.

For many individuals, a 12-step program may not be the best fit for them and their specific needs. A non-12 step program may be a better option if you do not agree with the idea that addiction or alcoholism is a disease, or if you are against using a spiritual orientation of AA (alcoholics anonymous) and you would like a more secular approach to how to stop drinking and move towards recovery that specializes in other forms of non-12 step methods.

Methods Used for Non-12 Step Models

Some key elements that are used in a drug and alcohol rehab that focuses on non-12 step models include:

Withdrawal Symptoms and Detox

People often experience withdrawal symptoms when they detox from a drug or alcohol health problem. These symptoms may be more intense when you are not at treatment centers with a health care provider that can manage the symptoms and ensure your safety. It may seem like self-management is the best option, but often this results in adverse consequences. These symptoms may be worse with an underlying health problem.

Detoxing from alcohol can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening. Even functioning alcoholics will experience withdrawal symptoms that can be fatal. It is best to seek out a treatment center if you decide to stop drinking suddenly.

Our Non-12-Step Treatment Program

AToN Center is a substance abuse treatment program that was founded on non-12 Step treatment principles. Therefore, our Center was designed as an evidence-based best practice model for addiction treatment free from the barriers many people experience with 12 Step only treatment programs.

AToN Center’s San Diego detox and rehab offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as the clinical underpinning for all our groups. We discuss an individual’s potential to change from the basic premise that to change behavior, you first need to change your thinking and learn emotional regulation skills.

Our family therapy is conducted with a motivational and empowering approach instead of the typical Al-anon only format to group family “education.” We treat families and residents as individuals and offer the comfort and guidance of a clinician during private family sessions in our private drug rehab. We address spirituality not through “God-talk” or talk of a higher power but rather through mindfulness exercises that teach individuals how to center themselves and decrease impulsivity.

Our rich program of on-site holistic care is also critical to decompressing and finding a centered space during a time at which the body, mind, and spirit needs to heal from toxic substance abuse in our California non-12 Step. Our treatment options also offer support groups, behavioral healthcare, and other 12 step program options.

At AToN Center it is our promise that you can achieve successful outcomes to maintain sobriety without working “the steps” and by utilizing other practices offered in our San Diego, California non-12 Step rehab. Our SMART Recovery® programming process and AToN Center curriculum approaches recovery in an open-minded and scientific manner which many find useful. We encourage and share discussion of relapse prevention from a clinically sound perspective and encourage those who have been limited by past exposure to 12 Step rehab treatment to expand their knowledge of themselves through our non-12 Step treatment offerings.

At AToN Center we are a treatment provider with mental health professionals who work with each individual client, and our representatives work solely based on the needs of the person. Some of the up-to-date addiction recovery treatment components include evidence-based treatments, 12 step options, smart recovery, individual and group recovery programs, secular recovery, and other holistic, alternative recovery programs. These programs can help treat addiction, substance abuse, mental health disorders and impulse control disorders.

Seeking Addiction Treatment

Our addiction recovery program is one of the best in the country, as we follow strict guidelines as well as offer appropriate recovery support to individuals looking for alternative treatments for substance addiction. If you are looking for a treatment provider that will meet you where you are at, then you cannot go wrong with AToN Center. We offer credentialed medical providers specializing in addiction treatment, smart recovery, and other holistic treatment options.

Our substance addiction treatment staff will review all your accurate medical information to determine the best option for your drug or alcohol treatment. Although, we encourage drug or alcohol treatment at our facility, you can ultimately choose the best option for yourself or your loved one. There is a nationwide network of available providers that can assist you with alcohol or chemical dependence.

If you or a loved one are suffering from substance abuse, drug or alcohol addiction and you are looking for info on a non-12 step recovery program, visit our contact page for more information and to begin treatment today and live a life addiction free.