Addiction Recovery: When the Cure Seems Worse than the Disease

Addiction Recovery: When the Cure Seems Worse than the Disease

Addiction Recovery: When the Cure Seems Worse than the Disease

If you’re scared of going to rehab, you’re not alone. Fear of jumping into a sobriety program can be paralyzing for those who have relied on drugs and alcohol for months or even years. Many of our clients face mixed feelings about recovery: they can’t wait to be sober, but they can’t stop obsessing about their next fix.

At our luxury San Diego drug treatment facility, our personalized, integrated treatment model helps clients manage symptoms, overcome trauma, and return to a life filled with joy and purpose. The journey to sobriety takes work, but the destination is well worth the sacrifice.

3 Common Addiction Recovery Fears

Fear of Detox. Chemically dependent people know what withdrawal feels like and that feeling alone may keep them out of rehab. Complicating this fear is the worry that they won’t be able to handle life without drugs. At AToN Center, we understand that each individual’s journey is different, including detox. When you are placed on a detox protocol, we observe you closely and provide a safe, comfortable detoxification process.

At AToN, our detox process involves managing symptoms with holistic therapies, providing healthy distractions, extending compassion, and administering ‘comfort medications’ as needed. Our team walks beside you as we facilitate withdrawal from alcohol, opiates, or benzodiazepines. When medical professionals handle detox, clients are able to make an expedited, successful move toward active recovery.

Fear of Group Therapy. Group therapy is one of the most rewarding parts of addiction recovery. Interacting with others who find themselves in the same situation, therapy participants learn that they are not alone in their addiction battle. But many clients are hesitant to participate in group therapy, whether it is out of shame and embarrassment or social fear. Participants feel as if they must share their most intimate secrets with a group of strangers, but this is not the case. When you are unable to share a feeling or experience with other group members, there are opportunities to address them during individual therapy sessions. Over time, most of our guests begin to welcome group time as an opportunity to bond with and support one another during their sobriety journey.

Fear of Sobriety. Whether you have completed your recovery program or are just beginning, you may wonder if life will be boring when you’re sober. You may wonder what BBQs and parties will be like without your favorite chemical or how you will relax enough to socialize. However, as you regain your energy and learn to channel that energy toward healthy habits and hobbies, you’ll discover the rewards of being “fully present” for your relationships and experiences.

Conquer Your Fear of Addiction Recovery

The best way to address your recovery fears is to face them head-on. AToN Center is a sanctuary staffed by credentialed addiction specialists offering best-practice addiction treatment methods that capture the needs of individual clients. Caring for the mind and body by offering nutritious, organic cuisine and holistic services like acupuncture, massage, yoga, and personal training, our luxury rehab equips residents with the tools they need to establish balance and combat relapse.

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