A Healthy Outlet
Yoga a Healthy Outlet

A Healthy Outlet

Yoga for RecoveryIt can be extremely helpful to find a healthy outlet to engage in when you are in recovery from substance abuse or behavioral addictions. This can be a form of relapse prevention and a way to truly enjoy the new life you are living. The endorphins that are produced when enjoying something new and exciting can be a great deterrent to use substances or engage in unhealthy behaviors.

Finding out what makes you happy is a search many recovering individuals embark upon.  Think about something you loved prior to engaging in your addiction… Something you have always wanted to do… Or a combination of things you enjoy that can make it even more fun… Sometimes teaching others to do something you love can bring even more fulfillment and purpose to your new sober life…

I found that after getting sober I fell in love with board sports: snow, skate, and surf! I also really love yoga! I began practicing Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga and fell in love all over again. Being on the board, on the water, and practicing yoga in that element is simply euphoric.  Teaching others has an even deeper meaning! Passing along something you found that helps add beauty to your life can be invigorating and strengthens the bond you’re creating in recovery.
As the saying goes “We have to give it away to keep it!”
Kristin Colton CATC II
Chemical Dependency Counselor 
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