Where did I come from, how did I get here?
Family and Addiction

Where did I come from, how did I get here?

Where did I come from, how did I get here?

When an individual comes to the conclusion that it is time to seek help in the battle against addiction, they can feel lost and overwhelmed. AToN clinicians support our resident’s path to recovery by exploring their intergenerational family system and chronological timeline of use. A trained clinician will create a multigenerational Genogram to gain insight into how emotional energy, relationships, and unresolved trauma can influence an individual’s present and past experience (McGoldrick & Gerson, 1985).

Systemic therapy is an evidenced based approach that treats the whole of an individual (Stratton, 2011). The basic unit of emotion is seen as existing through our relationships. Healthy and supportive relationships are essential to lasting recovery from drugs and alcohol. Exploring the dynamics of your family of origin can allow for insight into the questions, “Where did I come from” and “How did I get here?”. The Genogram can support answering questions regarding patterns of mental illness and substance abuse in a family system. An understanding can be gained into the power and influence of unresolved emotional anxiety, generation after generation.

The multigenerational transmission of unresolved anxiety can wreak havoc on a well-intentioned family just trying to cope the best they know how. A disastrous method of coping is the use of alcohol and drugs to find relief. Drug and alcohol abuse exacerbates the tension and conflict of a family system with devastating consequences.

AToN Center clinicians can mindfully support the navigation of your family system to identify and effectively change the patterns that have plagued an individual and their family for possibly generations.

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