One topic that we address consistently is how to manage triggers.  I also see many of the AToN principles incorporated into the following steps.  I hope this can help someone in a pinch!

How to Deal with Triggers:
  1. Stop, breathe, calm yourself.
  2. Think about what just happened. . .what exactly was triggering?  Why?  What feelings did it provoke?  Were those feelings a rational reaction to the situation?
  3. Tell yourself verbally that you are not going to let this hinder your recovery.
  4. Make a list of all the reasons for recovering.
  5. If there is someone you can talk to, go to them.  Even if you don’t go into specifics, let them help.
  6. Allow yourself to feel upset about the trigger – you can’t hide away your feelings!  Acknowledge that the situation affected you and take steps toward carrying on regardless.
  7. Remember the bigger picture – the end goal:  FREEDOM
  8. You are loved and worthy.
  9. Do something that pleases you.
  10. Relax, you’re doing so well, I believe in you.

I found this Information from Ocd9Teen and felt it was an intelligent, concise, step-by-step “how to” that could be of benefit to anyone in recovery.  I cannot take credit for the following steps – but I am grateful for all of the support that is out there for all in recovery.

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