Top 3 ways to get sober without getting COVID 19
Top 3 ways to get sober without getting COVID 19

Top 3 ways to get sober without getting COVID 19

There is an addiction epidemic occurring and we have forgotten about it completely. With a tense presidential election coming up, high unemployment, increasing social upheaval, natural disasters; oh, and don’t forget about the global pandemic. It just seems like 2020 has been heaping more trouble than it was worth onto some of us. Pretty much watching the news is a steady stream of being told who is lying about what, what is on fire, who has died, and who we are blaming for all of it.

In the midst of all of this, we stopped talking about something else and it is serious. We entered into this year in the middle of another national crisis with addictive disorders. The news has especially highlighted opioids prior to the chaos of this year, but it the epidemic really wasn’t just about opioids. It was about substance addiction all over. We have been losig out family members in record numbers and we seem to have forgotten about it-that is unless it is happening to you or your family.

It seems like this forgotten epidemic has left some of us out in the cold. We are seeing it here at the AToN Center, as our admissions lines are blowing up despite a pandemic. (Incidentally, thus far our safeguards have kept us 100% COVID free as of the date of this writing). With all of this in mind, we wanted to put together a list of helpful ideas that can help you get the help you need during these trying times. Let us assure you, help is available and you can still secure help safely.

Before you choose a drug rehab facility, we have a list of helpful pointers to keep yourself safe from COVID-19.

Ask questions. Then ask more.

Any respectable facility will be happy to answer your questions. Trust your instincts as well. If they seem unqualified to answer you, or do not sound like they understand the pandemic and the risks associated with it, look elsewhere. Consider asking for a personal referral from a trusted addiction professional.

Has your facility had any positive cases? Are there any now?

While at AToN we have thus far been successful in keeping our 30-bed facility COVID-19 free, a positive COVID case during a pandemic is not unusual for a respectable program. The important things to ask about are how they managed it. For example, we have well developed policies in place to mitigate risk until it is eliminated from the treatment center. We also have 24-hour nursing and daily symptom checks. We test people at admission and limit their movement in the facility until we get their test results back. While this is not an exhaustive list, it is an example of some of the types of policies you should hear.

How will you protect me from infection from your staff?

This is an equally important question. Staff come and go from the facility. Once the patients have been tested, we know they are virus free. Are staff member’s temperatures checked daily? Are there policies in place for staff members who become infected? Perhaps the most important question to ask is, “Do you have a mechanism in place to pay your staff without losing their accumulated time off if they have to get screened for COVID, or if they have it?” Especially front-line workers, part time employees, and contractors may choose to pay their rent and hide illness if these policies are not in place. Do not be afraid to ask these questions. They will protect you and your loved one.

This list of the top three ways to get help for a drug or alcohol problem during these trying times can be lifesaving. If you are seeking a safe place to recover, even if AToN is not the right fit for you, feel free to call us and we will help you ask the right questions. Our highly qualified admissions team has been trained in our ever evolving policies during this pandemic and we want nothing more for you to feel safe and secure so you can focus on the illness you have, rather than the one you are trying to avoid.

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