The Benefits of Privacy in Recovery
The Benefits of Privacy in Recovery

The Benefits of Privacy in Recovery

Change can be exhilarating. It can also be painful, difficult, intense, thrilling, sorrowful, breathtaking, infuriating, dramatic, and exhausting. When it comes to change in recovery, it can be all of those things in just one afternoon. This time is deeply personal, and how much we do or do not want to share about our process should be private. This is why, when we choose a facility to begin our transformation, we should consider the benefits of privacy in recovery.

The Decision to Change

Anytime we choose to make changes in our lives, we should be allowed to do so in privacy. Particularly when it comes to treatment for substance use, we deserve the opportunity to carefully navigate this new road out of the spotlight of well-meaning friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and the public in general.

This is a time that we are preparing to lay ourselves bare, open ourselves up to transformation, and begin an all-new life. It’s not as though we are simply getting our hair colored or having a cosmetic procedure done. During treatment, mentally and physically, we challenge ourselves and everything we have been through, in order to make wholesale changes in our lives. If we don’t even know how it is going to turn out or what kind of person we will be at the end of treatment, why should anyone else need to know?

Where to Seek Treatment

As if there were not enough decisions to make about seeking treatment, and at a time when we are not at our best, we should consider our privacy. A treatment center that is discreet and also values our privacy can be a huge blessing. This can be particularly true if we have legal issues, delicate situations with our work, family, and relationship issues such as divorce or custody, and more. We deserve someplace quiet that respects our privacy.

Obviously, a facility that is smaller and more remote is going to be easier for us to begin our journey in seclusion. Choosing a very personal, individually or family-owned facility will offer us more privacy than if we selected a larger facility that is part of a larger corporation. Using some judgment as to where we seek treatment can prevent a lot of missteps down the road when confidentiality is so important to our healing.

The Value of Privacy

There is no price that can be placed on privacy anywhere in our lives. Whether it is matters of work, matters of the heart, or matters of healing, we should always be afforded the ability to keep our personal lives secure. While courts attempt to put financial amounts on instances of invasion of privacy, the truth is, there is never an amount of money that can repair the damage of intrusion on our personal lives. We should always be in control of what we do or do not wish to share about anything in our personal lives.

That truth is never truer than when we are seeking such deeply personal changes in recovery. Many of us need privacy for those external life situations, but all of us deserve privacy for our own personal healing. The value of discretion and people around us who value our privacy can be priceless, particularly at a time when we are so raw and our life is so new to us.

Personal Treatment

Beyond the obvious values of confidentiality, finding treatment in seclusion also means that we get one-on-one and very small group treatment, which can be a tremendous blessing. A facility that is small and quiet also means that we get a personalized and individual program for our healing. This allows us to get the best possible treatment and care as we are rebuilding our lives.

With such personal treatment, we are allowed to really jump into our treatment without holding anything back. We don’t have to worry about other people, just ourselves and our own healing. We are free to really look at ourselves and make new choices without any pressure from other people or outside consequences.

Peace During Healing

In addition to not having the issues that arise from a lack of privacy, being able to heal in seclusion affords us peace during healing. We do not have to think about work, family, friends, legal issues, or any of those other outside concerns. We can clear our outside lives from our minds and look inside of ourselves to find peace.

Finding peace during healing also means that we can heal more completely, more deeply, and more effectively. That means that the peace that we can find in treatment can stay with us, even after we leave. Leaving the world behind is a symbolic gesture of our transformation and leaving our past substance use behind. Being able to literally and physically do that affords us something that may be new to our lives: peace.

The truth is that whatever our circumstances are, we all deserve the benefits of privacy in recovery. That is a core belief of AToN Center. With small, secure, and very discreet facilities, we can help you achieve your recovery goals with confidentiality. By calling (888) 535-1516 today, you are demonstrating your commitment to the best possible treatment for substance use, along with your dedication to your privacy at this very personal time. Make that commitment today, we will give you a safe place to heal.

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