Taking Time to Be Present
Taking Time to Be Present

Taking Time to Be Present

You need to call that client. Check on the status of that report. What was it that your mom wanted for her birthday? That is coming up next week. Did you remember to take the trash out this morning? What time is it? You can’t be late for that meeting, this is an important account. 

At any given time, thoughts like these can rush through our minds distracting us from what is right in front of us. Taking time to be present and in the moment can be difficult, but it can help us live more effectively and with greater health and peace.

The Paper Analogy

Think about a piece of paper. Upon that paper can be an important message or a beautiful work of art. Will others see it, though?

Not if the wind picks it up and it is tossed to and fro with each little breeze or large gust that comes along. Like us when we are distracted, the paper has no focus, and the beautiful art or powerful message gets lost in the winds of life.

However, when the paper is mounted and secured, able to resist the breezes and gusts, then the beauty and power it contains are visible for all to see. Likewise, when we center ourselves and secure ourselves in the present, our beauty and power are also available for all to see.

As an added benefit, we can reciprocate and see the beauty and power in the world. We have more power when we take the time to be present.

The Winds of Distraction

The wind can be beautiful, watching the power it has can be mesmerizing. However, watching the wind without getting caught up in it can be difficult unless you are safe and grounded.

In life, how often do we allow ourselves to just get caught up in the winds of distraction? We follow whatever pops into our minds, and have nothing to anchor us from being swept away completely or destroyed by a big storm.

There are important things all around us, work, appointments, family commitments, and so much more. It is important to give our time to these things, but how available are we when our minds are constantly on all of the other worries or tasks we have going on? When we show up, exactly what percentage of us is present?

Centering Our Lives in the Present

We do ourselves and the people in our lives a favor when we actively choose to be in the moment. Being present helps us to be calm and focused on the here and now.

This directs our focus away from drama, stress, and pain to what is going on right in front of us. It allows our entire mind to be able to focus on now.

Focusing our minds gives us clarity. As we can see things without judgment of our emotions or selves, it is easier to resolve issues, effectively communicate, and feel a sense of control in our lives.

When we center ourselves in the present, we show up for ourselves and others, and we become more powerful.

Protection from the Storms

Just like the paper that is mounted and secured even when the big winds of a storm blow, we can be calm and centered amid stress and crisis. If we are distracted and thinking of everything all at once, then if a big issue arises we might be caught off guard, unprepared, and unable to focus on what is happening (especially if our distraction may have helped cause the issue in the first place.) 

Being calm will help us to not overreact or make the situation worse with untempered emotions. We can effectively communicate exactly how we feel rather than get swept away in pain and emotional reactions.

Living in the present truly offers us protection from the storms of distraction, emotion, the past, and more.

There is Strength in the Present

There is a reason that people who are living in the present call it feeling “centered” or “grounded.” Taking the time to be present is truly an anchor for our lives, allowing us to be calm and effective in the face of crises.

We can choose not to get caught up in the winds of distraction. Like the paper analogy, we can effectively communicate our message or beautiful work of art when we stay centered and live in the moment.

We could all use the power that comes from living in the present and even more so if we have struggled with addiction. We don’t need to let ourselves be whipped around and destroyed in the wind like the paper.

There is so much value and strength that we can find when we actively choose to be present in our lives. Find your power. Take time to be present.

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