Staying sober in San Diego
Staying sober in San Diego

Staying sober in San Diego

Staying sober in San DiegoStaying sober in San Diego, like anywhere else in the world, is becoming more difficult every year. The US attorney’s office in the Southern District of California has released two high-profile cases to the public recently. In each, the defendants were accused of being involved in the overdose deaths of addicted San Diego residents who purchased heroin or fentanyl (an even more potent opiate) from them. Put most poignantly by U.S. Attorney Robert Brewer, “It’s the fentanyl crisis not some far off problem. It is a mother finding her son dead on the floor after he swallowed a substance so dangerous that in its purest form, even a tiny amount touching the skin can be deadly.” Rehab and detox services in San Diego, like AToN, are vital because addiction and overdose deaths are happening in homes and families around us, to people we know and love.

Addiction Rates Rising

Addiction rates are rising across the globe, and San Diego is no exception. In recent years, entire complex transportation systems between some of the most aggressive drug-peddling cartels have been uncovered in San Diego and nearby communities. There is clearly a strong presence of illicit drug trade in the communities in and around San Diego, and that means there are a number of residents dependent on these drugs, creating the market and need for this supply. Having the right rehab and detox resources in San Diego is critical to helping these victims reclaim their lives.

It’s important to understand that addiction has nothing to do with physical resilience or toughness. Anyone and everyone are susceptible to addiction, and even the toughest of the tough, the US military, are no exception. Because of strict no-tolerance drug policies, the US armed forces illicit drug use is just a fraction of the civilian ratio. However, the same policies create an atmosphere of tension and fear when seeking help with an addiction to legal prescription drug addiction. Many soldiers have to take prescription painkillers to overcome combat injuries and strains from constantly carrying heavy equipment. The combination of this challenging lifestyle and the stark consequences for illicit use has led to a hidden epidemic of prescription drug addiction where soldiers are discouraged from seeking help. The US navy continues to be the largest employer in San Diego, which means a strong military support network is critical to helping our community and our troops.

Local Resources

There are resources for families suffering from addiction to reach their ideal, sober life. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) both have services in San Diego, to help with alcoholism and drug addiction, respectively. The concept of each is to help victims of substance dependency develop a network of accountability, care, and a path to sober living in San Diego. They follow a long-standing 12-step program that establishes accountability, purpose, and faith in the recovery journey. AA and NA are both great supplemental care programs available to the public free of charge.

In the US and San Diego, recovery meetings are often associated with churches, and therefore with particular religious beliefs. However, programs like LifeRing offer secular meetings that focus more on individual healing preferences than relying on faith and large communities. Other programs offer specialized services for other religious beliefs, such as Refuge Recovery, which focuses on “Buddhist-inspired guidance and meditations” as the backbone for the healing journey.

Staying Sober with SMART

Social support systems like these work best when there is a strong core program in place, helping people not only endure the initial detox but to develop the skills for long-term recovery. Staying sober isn’t a single act of refusing drugs or alcohol. Staying sober is a lifestyle of positive, life-improving decisions that encourage long-term health. One of our most trusted programs is the SMART Recovery program, which focuses on recovery techniques based on and proven with science.

SMART focuses on empowering you to spearhead your own recovery, manage and maintain motivation, and learn to overcome both the mindset and life stressors that can lead to addiction. This is a consistent, daily climb towards health is the key to staying sober in San Diego, and a professional rehab and detox like AToN can help you start the journey. Call us directly at (888) 535-1516 to see if rehab is right for you or your loved one.

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