Staying Sober After Residential Treatment
Staying Sober After Residential Treatment

Staying Sober After Residential Treatment

While staying sober can be a daunting task, there are things you can do to increase your chances of staying sober after residential treatment.  However, staying sober after residential treatment actually requires a lot of effort while you are still IN residential treatment!

Staying Sober After Residential Treatment

The most important thing you can do while you are still in residential treatment is to create a solid and structured discharge plan.  This includes not underestimating the strength of your addiction; therefore following your treatment provider’s recommendations regarding the level of structure and treatment you need upon discharge is key.  At AToN Center, each resident’s discharge plan is individualized – based on your home environment, the level of enabling identified in your family system, the strength of your addiction, etc.  You may not like the discharge recommendations, but they are made with your best interests at heart!

Once you have your identified discharge plan, ensure that all of your appointments are scheduled within several days of your discharge.  Accessing your support system is essential to assisting you with the bridge from residential treatment to outpatient treatment.  Identify which community support meetings you will attend – specifically the dates and times of these meetings!  Whether you are attending SMART Recovery, LifeRing, Refuge, 12 Step, or another type of meeting, you have many options available to you for support in a pinch!

During treatment, it is also imperative that you think carefully about your internal and external triggers and identify coping skills for each.  Additionally, be vigilant about learning about your relapse warning signs so you can catch yourself slipping early in the process.  Talk with your friends and loved ones about what support you need from them and have plans in place in an emergency.

Once you have discharged, you MUST show up to these scheduled appointments!  Even if you feel strong, just go!  Residential treatment is an important foundation for your recovery, but your work is not yet done . . . the most positive growth we at AToN have seen is from individuals who have immersed themselves in their Aftercare support, built sober relationships, continued to seek treatment and have continued introspection about the current status of their recovery.

Here at AToN we wish you all of the best and hope for your continued growth and happiness.

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Clinical Director
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