Reflecting on One of the Most Common Struggles
Struggles in Addiction

Reflecting on One of the Most Common Struggles

Reflecting on One of the Most Common StrugglesI saw the above meme and it made me reflect on one of the most common struggles we see here at AToN. Once we begin to feel the hope that comes with recovery, we often experience an intense desire to jump back into our lives – forgetting that recovery needs to be our number one priority. If we don’t place recovery first, we are putting ourselves immediately back into the situations that may have driven our drinking and using in the first place!

It can be difficult to take more time from our families, employer, etc. when we feel we have robbed them of so much already! However, by placing our recovery first, we are actually helping those who rely and depend on us the most! Recovery can give us everything that our addiction promised us (but did not deliver) – but it takes time and work.

What does putting recovery first look like? It is different for everyone, but it may include not returning to your employment immediately so you can get continued treatment. It may include moving into a sober and supportive environment. It may include going to multiple meetings in a day. It may mean ending an unhealthy relationship or friendship.

As always, find a sober and supportive network to help you identify if or when you are putting something else ahead of your recovery. These trusted friends could save your life with that valuable feedback.

Cassandra Cannon, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
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