Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment

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Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment

If you’re looking for a treatment that gives you control of your mind, body, and emotions, acupuncture for addiction may be your solution. There is no greater way to stabilize your neuronic balance than acupuncture’s mental and emotional mending process. Restore your emotional, mental, and physical fortitude is likely to be through our highest-quality acupuncture services.

AToN Center is a luxury rehab located in Encinitas, California, that provides addiction treatment for everyone 18 years and older. Our team will prioritize your care and create an individualized treatment plan for you that includes evidence-based therapies and holistic methods, including acupuncture for addiction.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that has thousands of years’ worth of successful track records. This process is conducted with hair-fine needles placed on precise pressure points of the body to stimulate specific pathways of the central nervous system. Opening these pathways, known as meridians in ancient Chinese culture, is the key to gaining control of your cravings and mental health struggles. Speak to a treatment receptionist expert today to learn more about this life-changing practice today.

How Does Acupuncture Help For Addiction Treatment?

Studies have found that acupuncture for addiction treatment is an effective method for helping individuals sustain long-term sobriety. This may sound too good to be true for people not familiar with the acupuncture process. To help you familiarize yourself with the scientifically-proven methods, here are several ways acupuncture is known to help people achieve and maintain sobriety.

Acupuncture is meticulously designed to stimulate the central nervous system in such a way that it helps stabilize dopamine levels. This is important because of the contrary effects drugs have on your body. The presence of drugs in your system stimulates an overwhelming release of dopamine. These dangerously high levels of dopamine are what cause chemical dependency. Turn to acupuncture today to help normalize your dopamine levels and restore your natural happiness.

Acupuncture effectively goes hand-in-hand with detox programs to magnify rehabilitation efficacy. All of the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of acupuncture can make the detox process more bearable. Many even report the detox process to be a more relaxing experience thanks to acupuncture therapy. Learn more about how acupuncture for addiction can help the detox process by reaching out to our team of caring physicians.

One of the primary ways acupuncture helps with detox is it stimulates your central nervous system. This is helpful due to the toll addiction has on your central nervous system, which induces withdrawal symptoms upon cessation. Counteractively, acupuncture has reversal effects on these difficult withdrawals by opening the meridians or nerve passages responsible for easing withdrawal symptoms.

Acupuncture is known to heavily reduce and in some cases, completely eliminate anxiety. This is achieved through its natural suppression of cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for anxiety and stress. Increased stress levels release a high level of cortisol in your body. Acupuncture can naturally reduce these cortisol levels, thus relieving your anxiety. This is the most natural method to reduce your anxiety levels without medication.

You don’t have to suffer from insomnia thanks to state-of-the-art holistic acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture helps you relax and releases chemicals in the brain that can positively affect your sleep cycle. If you suffer from insomnia for any reason,whether it’s due to mental illness or substance misuse, acupuncture can be a life-changing therapy.

Acupuncture opens your pores and internal passageways in such a manner that helps increase blood flow to vital organs. This could mean reversing the course of drained energy levels related to withdrawals and mental health struggles. In addition, this increased blood flow leads many to feel increased and youthful energy they’ve never felt before. Most importantly, this improved circulation helps maintain healthy organs by giving them the necessary oxygen they need to function properly.

Acupuncture goes beyond reducing anxiety and stress. It’s known to send you into a full-body and mental state of relaxation. This is a result of meticulously placed needles on precise pressure points that can have a numbing sensation in the affected vicinity. This is known to release natural dopamine or stimulate the central nervous system in a unique manner. The result is a full-body and mind-numbing sensation of utter zen and relaxation.

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What To Expect From An Acupuncture Session

An acupuncture session is a very transparent process where a trained professional will detail each step of your treatment. Each individual’s acupuncture may vary slightly based on the individual’s therapy struggles and needs. In no specific order, here are the basics of what to expect from a session of acupuncture for addiction therapy purposes.

We take equal pride in our cleanliness and sanitation as we do our top-notch rehabilitation efforts. That’s why the most important part of the acupuncture process is the initial sanitization. Simply put, the needles and region of entry will be properly sterilized in accordance with sanitary protocols. This ensures infection prevention as well as magnifies therapeutic efficacy.

Acupuncture addiction treatment

Prior to insertion, your acupuncture specialist will examine your face, complexion, and body to identify important characteristics. These characteristics include coarse skin spots, potential sensitive areas, or any skin blemishes or discolorations. These are all places your acupuncture practitioner may avoid. This may require physical touch to determine definitely. Also, a pulse and heart rate check may also be necessary to assess the before and after effects of your treatment.

Your practitioner will ask personal questions about your struggles, weaknesses, and goals to get to know the person behind the struggle. This is not without cause, as your answers will often dictate the acupuncture process. There are specific points of entry known to alleviate certain addiction-based symptoms and triggers. Therefore, it’s vital that you’re honest with our sympathetic team of therapists to ensure the most effective recovery possible.

Specific points of entry around the ear are tied to addiction triggers and cravings. In accordance, an acupuncture specialist may target these areas in an effort to appease your cravings to indulge in these negative habits. You may find these targeted insertions to be the answer to opening up the passageways to recovery and the endless opportunities for sobriety.

Upon insertion, your specialist may manipulate the needle in different directions or angles to magnify the desired effects. This enables the opening of specific meridians within the regions of the insertion points. The correct manipulations can alleviate withdrawal symptoms, decrease cravings, and have other positive long-term effects on your sobriety.

Upon finishing your sessions, you’ll undergo a post-procedure evaluation. This phase is intended to determine your side effects, bodily response, and treatment efficacy. This includes monitoring your progress, vital signs, and any rare allergic reactions. It’s important to note that even if no evident results arise immediately, it doesn’t mean the treatment isn’t working. It may take a short series of sessions for you the feel the proactive results of your treatment.

What Does Acupuncture Feel Like?

Acupuncture is not a painful process some people assume it to be upon initial observation. The hair-thin needles are intentionally sized to fit between your pores in a manner that cannot inflict pain. Instead, the feeling is likened to that of a slight numbing or tingling sensation in the affected area. In fact, the majority report their experiences to be liberating, relaxing, and thoroughly energizing. Speak to a holistic or acupuncture practitioner to find out if acupuncture for addiction is the right treatment for you.

How Can Holistic Therapy Help You Heal?

Acupuncture is just one form of holistic therapy that can help heal addiction. At AToN Center, our holistic therapists offer many types of holistic treatments. A holistic therapist can guide you on a path to self-discovery to help you begin the emotional and mental healing process. Both holistic and acupuncture therapists focus on the necessities of your mental, physical, and spiritual healing.

Holistic therapists specialize in listening to your emotional, mental, and spiritual needs to help you begin the healing process. Holistic therapists then help your acupuncturist integrate their treatment methods with the observations of your holistic specialist. Don’t hesitate to contact AToN Center to learn more about how holistic therapy can help you.

Try Acupuncture Therapy at AToN Center

Acupuncture therapy at AToN Center is an inventive and high-quality treatment for addiction. You deserve to receive the best treatment, which is what our team prides themselves for. We create personalized care plans and include the therapies that will most benefit you and grant you a long-lasting recovery. Our holistic specialists will work with you through various treatments to help you connect with your mind, body, and spirit to find true healing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.