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The quest for addiction treatment requires evidence-based approaches to get the best results. It also requires the best environment to facilitate recovery in the best way possible. If someone is looking for a premium drug and alcohol rehab center in San Diego, look no further than AToN. We’re a luxury rehab center offering diverse treatment approaches for various types of addiction. We believe in providing individualized treatment to meet our client’s needs.
One of the approaches we use in addiction treatment in AToN is cognitive behavioral therapy. This addiction treatment approach involves several aspects that distinguish it from other methods. Continue reading to learn more about CBT therapy in San Diego.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psychotherapeutic treatment that helps people identify and change disturbing and destructive behaviors and thoughts. Destructive and disturbing thoughts result from negative influences or patterns. This approach focuses on changing the negative thoughts that would result in emotional difficulties such as anxiety and depression.

CBT works on several core principles, including:

Based on these principles, CBT treatment involves the effort to change a person’s thinking pattern with strategies such as:

CBT also involves efforts to change a person’s behavior pattern. This includes the following strategies:

Techniques Used in CBT Treatment

CBT is more than identifying a person’s thought patterns. Different strategies can help overcome these patterns. Below are a few techniques used in CBT you should know about:

Identification of Negative Thoughts

CBT experts try to learn the thoughts, feelings, and situations contributing to maladaptive behaviors. This may be difficult for people struggling with introspection. However, discovering these thoughts can help in self-discovery and provide valuable insights into the treatment process.

Practicing New Skills

CBT teaches new skills that people can use in real-world situations. For instance, a person dealing with substance use disorder will practice new coping skills. They will rehearse ways they can deal with or avoid situations that may lead to potential relapse.


Setting goals is crucial in recovery from mental illness. A CBT therapist can help you build and strengthen your goal-setting skills. This involves teaching how to identify and distinguish between short and long-term goals. They will also help you establish SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Relevant, etc.) that focus on the process and outcomes.


Learning problem-solving skills in CBT treatment helps identify and solve problems that may arise due to life stressors. It also helps reduce the negative impact of physical and psychological illness. This involves five steps, including:


Self-monitoring or diary work involves tracking your behavior, experiences, and symptoms and sharing them with the therapist. This strategy provides the therapist with the information they need for the best treatment. For instance, if a person has an eating disorder, they will keep track of any feelings or thoughts associated with mealtime.

What Does CBT Therapy Treat?

At AToN, we employ cognitive behavioral therapy alongside other holistic approaches in order to bring balanced healing to all our guests.

That said, we use CBT to treat a wide range of conditions, including:

Benefits of CBT with AToN

At AToN, we have witnessed several benefits of using cognitive behavioral therapy. Here are a few of the benefits that come with CBT:

It Gives People Hope About Their Condition

People suffering from mental health conditions often feel pessimistic about their future. However, CBT helps these people see that their thoughts are not always accurate and don’t represent their reality. Once they learn to challenge their thoughts, they open their minds to new and better possibilities.

Helps People Relax

CBT treatment teaches people how to respond to symptoms by developing calmer responses using various relaxation techniques. This regulates a person’s response to trigger and reduce symptoms.

Development of a More Rational Thought Process

CBT helps people gain control of their thoughts. It’s common to experience cognitive dissertations. With CBT intervention, people learn how to question and replace negative thoughts. You will no longer allow negative thoughts to take over but can evaluate relevant responses.

Improves Communication Skills

Maintaining a relationship when suffering from addiction, social anxiety, and depression is crucial. CBT helps patients learn how to communicate their feelings without feeling ashamed or becoming angry.

Prevents Relapse

CBT provides patients with the right tools needed to prevent relapse. It helps them identify their problems and behavior patterns and learn coping methods. This therapy lets them recognize healthy thought patterns and the patterns they should avoid.

Improves Individual Coping Skills

Many disorders stem from the inability to cope with stressful situations like trauma and grief. CBT provides appropriate avenues to deal with these situations. Therefore, people with these disorders learn how to express themselves rather than bottle things up.

Find Treatment with the AToN Center

The success of CBT relies heavily on the facility and therapists that use it. AToN offers a unique CBT approach and other intervention methods that guarantee recovery. While also restoring the level of balance and equipment needed to live healthy and substance-free lives.

One of the alternative methods that we utilize is the non- 12-step treatment program. A non-12-step treatment program is designed on evidence-based principles for addiction treatment. This means treatment is free from barriers patients experience through a defined 12-step program. Our non-12-step treatment focuses on critical elements, including managing emotional responses, changing negative thought patterns, and developing coping skills.

If you’re looking for individually-oriented, issue-based addiction and recovery treatment in San Diego, look no further than AToN. Get in touch today, and let’s help you or your loved one set off on the journey to recovery.

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