Myths About People in Recovery
Myths About People in Recovery, AToN

Myths About People in Recovery

Myths About People in RecoveryThere is a lot of misinformation about people who identify as being in recovery. Here are a few:

  1. Myth: People in recovery are all the same.

Fact: People in recovery vary as much as people impacted by addiction. They have different jobs, socioeconomic statuses, cultures, beliefs, views, and hobbies. They define recovery within the context of their own lives.

  1. Myth: People in recovery don’t have fun.

Fact: People in recovery report high life-satisfaction and joy. They absolutely laugh, have fun, socialize, and enjoy life in a way they did not before. It’s true that initially recovery is challenging and there is a learning curve, but the early struggle can lead to big rewards.

  1. Myth: “Relapse” is always part of recovery.

Fact: While resuming use is part of some people’s addiction stories, it is by no means true for everyone. “ Slips and lapses are not mandatory parts of the process. With appropriate planning and attention, relapse is not a must. If one does start using or drinking again, it can be a brief, discrete event and the person can quickly get back on track.

  1. Myth: People in recovery cannot spend time with people who drink and can only hang out with each other.

Fact: People in recovery can go anywhere and do anything that they want to do. It is advisable that until one feels comfortable and secure, they think carefully about people, places, and things that could jeopardize their recovery, such as bars or “normie” friends. However, each person is free to decide what works and act accordingly. It’s about being conscientious and honest with ones self. 

  1. Myth: People in recovery are unreliable.

Fact: People in recovery are committed to a life of personal growth, awareness, and personal responsibility. It is plainly false that they cannot be trusted.  The thought that they just “relapse” at any moment, without any warning, is incorrect. 

Being an ally to people in recovery involves dispelling myths. These are just a few of the myths you can correct. If you hear misinformation, you can do your part and set the record straight.

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