Maintaining Motivation
Maintaining Motivation in Recovery

Maintaining Motivation

Residents at AToN Center are making major lifestyle changes. They “reset” their lives in a way – they stop drinking and using.

new life Maintaining Motivation
They learn new ways of communicating, thinking and caring for themselves. By the time they stand at their AToN Ceremony, they are essentially a new person!  So how do you maintain those positive changes that you worked so hard for?  Here are some helpful tips:
1. Remember the reasons you changed your life!  They likely include your well being, health, family, educational/career aspirations and more! Check out the CBAs you completed within the first few days of your admission at AToN. You could probably add to them! Review and update these lists often!
2. Review your AToN Workbook and AToN Binder periodically. You will find new insights as you progress through your recovery, which will help you maintain motivation!
3. Make future plans – plans that you can only achieve while in recovery. I believe that joy comes from personal growth and progression. Sign up for a class, take up a new hobby – SMART Recovery’s Vital Absorbing Creative Interest (VACI) tool can assist you!
4. Share you goals and your progress with someone! That person can keep you accountable and cheer you on when you need it.
5. Play the tape through – this not only works as a relapse prevention tactic, but as a motivation builder. Think about what you will gain by maintaining your active recovery plan!
6. Be gentle with yourself! We all have ups and downs. Turn to your support group and reset goals if you need to. Look at what you learned as a way to rebuild and maintain momentum.
Remember to ask yourself these three questions: What do I want for my future? What am I currently doing to achieve that? How do I feel about what I’m currently doing?  SMART Recovery’s “Three Questions” exercise can always assist in maintaining motivation. These questions will help you evaluate your goals and your progress.
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