LSD Addiction: Is it Addictive? Can you Become Addicted LSD?
LSD Addiction: Is it Addictive? Can you Become Addicted LSD? | AToN Center

LSD Addiction: Is it Addictive? Can you Become Addicted LSD?

What is LSD?

LSD are hallucinogens that can cause mind-altering effects in an individual who uses them. LSD is the common name for lysergic acid diethylamide, a powerful chemical that is also commonly known as “acid.” LSD is not usually associated with addiction, but if a dependence develops, treatment or rehab may be necessary.

LSD causes people to experience alterations in their perception of reality, including visual and auditory hallucinations. Often, these effects can last up to 12 hours in people who take LSD.

You may wonder how are hallucinogens taken? LSD can be taken in the following ways:

  • Placing it onto the tongue if it’s liquid
  • Putting it into food or into a drink if it’s liquid
  • By swallowing it if it’s a tab or a pellet (micro dot)

LSD Side Effects

Understanding the side effects and risks is important for people who will be using the drug. For some people the side effects will be unfavorable, while others enjoy the feelings that the drug creates in the body.

Short-Term LSD Drug Use

LSD use can have some dangerous side effects, and these can include:

  • Not being able to sleep
  • Breaking out into sweats or chills
  • Feelings of despair
  • Worry about dying
  • Lack of judgment
  • Experiencing a rapid heart rate
  • Having tremors
  • Rare cases of addiction

Long-Term LSD Drug Use

The long-term effects of LSD could be:

  • Hallucinogen persisting perceptual disorder. Some drug users of LSD have reported abrupt changes in visual perception, other perceptions of the environment and “flashbacks” even when they have not taken LSD for some time.
  • Hallucinogen persisting perceptual disorder. Some LSD drug users report “flashbacks” or sudden disturbances in visual perception or other perceptions of the environment, even when they have not taken the LSD drug for some time.

If you are looking for resources, information or help with an addiction or substance abuse problem to any drugs, such as LSD please reach out to us at AToN Center. Our treatment rehab programs to treat addiction are the best in the country, and the first step is to call or email us.

LSD Good Trips or Bad Trips?

The effects of LSD can cause either “good trips” or “bad trips” to occur. Someone who uses LSD may experience effects and sensations that are frightening, or feelings of panic and anxiety. This would be described as a bad trip. Others who use LSD describe the effects as feeling good experiences that distort reality and may even cause spiritual or religious feelings and effects in the body.

Is LSD Addictive?

Typically an LSD addiction is rare, but it is possible to become addicted to the drug. While many experts do not believe it is common to become addicted, changes in the brain can occur due to persistent drug abuse. This creates a dependence for the drug, cravings and other side effects that may eventually require treatment or rehab.

Although LSD is one of the most potent hallucinogenic drugs, it is not physically addictive. However, facts from the Drug Enforcement Administration classifies LSD as a Schedule I drug; listed drugs have no current accepted medical use and carry potential for psychological or physical abuse.

Often, LSD users are poly-substance abusers, meaning that they concurrently use more than one drug at a time. Some research suggests that alcohol and marijuana are common drugs that are used in conjunction with LSD.

What if you Become Addicted?

If you do develop an addiction to LSD it is possible to get treatment and rehab help at a drug or alcohol addiction treatment center, such as AToN Center. Recovery takes time but it is possible to get better when you find the proper rehab treatment program.

Withdrawal and Detox

LSD is typically not addictive and could cause physical symptoms upon detox and withdrawal, along with other health disorders caused by using the drug. Despite people not becoming addicted to LSD there are still often uncomfortable symptoms including:

  • An intense feeling of anxiety because of the damage you may have done by using LSD
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • A sense of depersonalization
  • Intense flashbacks
  • Worry that you’ll develop a mental disorder such as schizophrenia
  • Mood swings
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Problems with concentration or confusion

Someone who uses LSD frequently will begin to develop a tolerance for the drug, and quitting may require treatment or detox. They may experience withdrawal symptoms that require a detox or counseling program to overcome.

If you are looking for a facility that offers detox treatment, please reach out to AToN Center. AToN’s San Diego alcohol and drug treatment center believes that a comfortable and safe detoxification (detox) is an essential component of addiction treatment for those who are dependent on substances.

Dealing with LSD Addiction Drug Abuse

Although LSD may not be the most addictive drug out there, it has the possibility to cause addiction in those who use it, and will require proper drug treatment at a rehab center. Like other addictive drugs, LSD can cause a person to crave the drug constantly, go out of their way to get the drug, and cause problems in the person’s relationships, work or school.

Many people in the US suffer from some type of drug or alcohol addiction or substance abuse. The first step in dealing with an LSD addiction is to find a good treatment program to address the addiction and substance abuse problem. Initially, detox may be necessary in order to clear the LSD drug out of your system, and from there the real treatment and rehab can begin.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction or substance abuse problem to LSD or other drugs, please contact AToN Center. We have many available recovery resources and information that can help you find a way out and get your life back on track.

Treating LSD Addiction

Treating an LSD addiction is possible and with the right treatment and rehab resources you or your loved one can achieve recovery. Usually a treatment rehab program consists of addressing the underlying reasons behind the addiction, the feelings around addiction, and finding out why the person chose to use drugs or alcohol to cope with certain feelings.

Typically, treating an LSD addiction will consist of cognitive behavioral treatment methods including counseling, addiction education and other mental health services. Everyone’s recovery will look different, and the types of treatment will vary from person to person.

Treatment and Rehab Recovery at AToN Center

ATon Center is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehab that treats all types of addiction that a person is suffering from. The rehab sits on a beautiful two acre estate in the upscale neighborhood of Rancho Santa Fe.

Our rehab offers amazing amenities including a first class chef, on-site gyms and pools, one on one treatment rehab help with highly trained staff, and holistic addiction or substance abuse treatment rehab program options. Programs like ours are some of the best in the US, and all of our staff truly care about the recovery outcomes of each client.

Some of the drug and alcohol treatment rehab methods in our program include addiction/substance abuse education, detox, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, individual/group therapy, family therapy, and physical fitness. With a ratio of 3 staff to 1 resident, we are uniquely able to attend to the comfort of our residents during their detox phase.

Our policy includes reviewing each addiction or substance abuse case upon arrival to determine what type of addiction treatment is necessary. An addiction and substance abuse treatment rehab plan is developed together and is individualized based upon the needs of the client.

If you are looking for programs that help people with a drug or alcohol addiction/substance abuse problem, please reach out to us. We can give you additional information on our programs, as well as any necessary resources to help you achieve your recovery goals.

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