Leaving Treatment
Nurturing Aftercare

Leaving Treatment

When leaving treatment here at AToN Center we think of it as building a plan to protect your investment, your life. We begin planning for departure early on and think of all of the areas of life that need attention.

We look at the living situation, do residents need sober housing or is their current situation at home safe and supportive? Sober living homes can provide a safer transition back into the reality of life’s stressors and give support where one may need it.

nurturing aftercare Leaving Treatment

Is it appropriate to follow up with Intensive Outpatient Programming? We refer to many outpatient programs in the area and outside the area to have continuity of care and follow up with addiction-specific treatment for the next phase of recovery.

We encourage appointments to be scheduled prior to leaving AToN with outpatient providers such as Primary Care Physicians, Psychiatrists, Individual Therapy, and Family Therapy when needed.

We look at whether or not someone may need other supportive providers such as Sober Coaching or Companions and Holistic Providers. Also considered is a weekly commitment to community meetings such as 12 Step, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, or Lifering meetings.

We also offer Aftercare which includes weekly calls from clinicians, a weekly aftercare group meeting on Saturday, and other functions hosted by AToN Center.

We ask our residents to fill out a schedule outlining what a week at a glance will look like post-treatment, as often people struggle to transition back into life after treatment.

We believe that it is just as important, if not more, to maintain the work you are doing after residential treatment as the treatment is itself.

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