Joint Commission and Evidence Based Practices vs. Evidence Based Practice

Joint Commission and Evidence Based Practices vs. Evidence Based Practice

JointCommissionSeal Joint Commission and Evidence Based Practices vs. Evidence Based PracticeAToN Center is Joint Commission Accredited – which is considered to be a designation that sets us apart from other treatment programs.  Recently, the Joint Commission discussed the difference between “Evidence Based Practices” and “Evidence Based Practice.”

In order to not bore you with the details – the basic difference between the two is whether a program utilizes therapies that have been demonstrated by research to be helpful (Evidence Based Practices) and “Evidence Based Practice” is designated when a program can demonstrate (through outcome studies) that their delivery of these services have been helpful to those they have treated.

This is an important distinction!  

Many programs advertise that they are evidenced based.  Ask specifics!  

Can they tell you which treatments are considered evidence based?  Programs should be able to tell you this – as well as direct you to publications that confirm these assertions.  As a savvy consumer, you must also note that a program may utilize therapies that have been proven in research – such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing – however the clinicians may not be skilled in practicing these therapies.  This is why outcome research in programs are so important – a treatment program should be able to direct you to research regarding their program, demonstrating that they are able to deliver quality care.

AToN Center is proud that we not only utilize Evidence Based Practices, but our clinicians deliver these therapies skillfully – as shown by our outcome research!  

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