Investing in Life
investing in life

Investing in Life

We invest in our careers by seeking education and training. We invest in our homes by using our finances and other resources. We invest in our future by placing our money where it will bring the most return. But how do we invest in our life? 

Treatment: Increasing Our Assets

Substance use can make us feel worthless. However, every person has worth, no matter who we are or what we have done. Finding that worth can be difficult when we are in the midst of substance use. We need to truly desire a change of life and find our worth again.

Choosing a treatment plan for our substance use is like making an investment in ourselves. The choice is difficult, and the treatment itself is very hard work. But in the end, we are changing the trajectory of our lives. As we learn valuable skills and seek to change our habits and our lives, we gain valuable assets toward our current and future circumstances.

Recovery: Paying Dividends

When we choose to not only treat our substance use but also heal from the pain and trauma of our past, we are moving beyond just treatment. This level of commitment puts us on the path to recovery.

Recovery extends beyond substance use. We find why we began using substances, and we can address that pain, abuse, or trauma. Often these are lifelong wounds that need to be addressed and healing to occur so that we can be free of them and move on successfully. Healing from our pain is more than half the battle in maintaining sobriety because our pain was the impetus for our substance use. Take away the pain, and our need to numb ourselves is gone.

The reason recovery pays dividends is because it is a lifelong commitment to our health and well-being. We make such wholesale changes in our lives during treatment, but recovery is every day, re-committing ourselves to maintain those changes, to be better and grow. As we continue on that path, the dividends appear in all aspects of our lives.

Holistic Healing: Long-Term Investment

One of the best ways to heal is holistically – mind, body, and soul. This process begins in treatment. We can seek out a facility that is committed to holistic healing. Ideally, there would be various types of therapy to help us heal our minds. There would be different types of exercise, fitness, and diets available that can help us heal our bodies. There are plenty of methods to help heal our souls, as well, such as mindfulness meditation and yoga. When we put all of these methods together, we can achieve holistic healing.

The reason that holistic healing is a long-term investment is that while we see the value immediately and going forward, the true rewards are long-term. Holistic healing can literally change the course of our lives. Where we came into treatment wounded and in pain, weak from addiction, we leave stronger and empowered. Because we have sought to heal holistically, we continue to grow stronger and are capable of so much more because we have healed our whole selves, rather than just treated the behavior of our substance use.

Invest in Ourselves

Choosing to treat our substance use shows that we are interested in increasing our self-worth. As with most things in life, what we get out of our treatment depends largely on what we put into it. Showing up for ourselves and doing the work to heal from our substance use shows that we are willing to invest in ourselves.

When we are willing to take the more difficult path of recovery, we are again met with greater returns for our more significant efforts. Healing from pain and trauma takes courage, but as we seek that healing, we are rewarded with freedom from our past. Being willing to invest daily from now going forward shows that we are truly invested in ourselves.

Invest in Our Future

Treatment and recovery are not short-term investments. When we choose to heal from our substance use, we aim to improve our lives now as well as our future. There will be days that we may only focus one hour, even one minute at a time. Every day that we stay committed in our treatment, no matter how finite our viewpoint may be at the moment, it is a day that we are committed to our future. Every craving we overcome, every difficult day we survive without returning to our substance use is like an investment for our future.

Taking the journey of recovery means that we are contributing our efforts into our future. We are seeking the rewards of health and wellness, finding the reward of being willing to change our life’s trajectory. Every step of the way, we are making gains, even if some days may not feel that way. It is our commitment to ourselves, our continued and relentless efforts toward our wellness that will pay off now and in the long-term. Recovery is not easy, but ultimately, it is always worth it. Because when we choose recovery, we are investing in life.

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