How Can I Find Comfort in Rehab?
How Can I Find Comfort in Rehab?

How Can I Find Comfort in Rehab?

Stigma would have us believe that rehab only takes place in drab, dreary hospital-like settings, with large groups of people sitting around in meetings where no one talks to each other. But stigma has not reached the year 2020.

Treatment for substance use looks more like a resort that we might live or vacation in, with people who are kind and qualified to help us through the process, and all of the amenities we deserve. 

Treatment is Not a Prison

Treatment for substance use is not a prison sentence. Our recovery is a chance to cleanse our minds, bodies, and souls, and build upon the powerful human beings that we already are.

This is not about guilt or shame or creating more guilt or shame. Recovery is about healing, self-belief, and growth.

Healing is often associated with hospitals or doctors’ offices, which were typically cold, sterile, and drab. However, it has been shown that people physically heal more effectively when they are in surroundings that are warm and comfortable, with the amenities they want and need to make them emotionally well, too.

Many hospitals and doctors’ offices have changed to reflect this idea of holistic healing. Treatment for substance use has, also.

Comfort in Healing

If healing our bodies improves when we are mentally and emotionally comfortable, then how much more important is it to be comfortable when our primary function is to heal emotionally and mentally from our substance use?

Surrounding ourselves in facilities that speak to our comfort levels shows that we care about ourselves and that we are committed to giving ourselves the things that we need.

In choosing a facility, it is okay to look at the location, environment, and amenities as part of our choice for healing. Will we be comfortable in the accommodations?

Have they chosen to provide nutritious meals for us that are also appealing? What kind of exercise and recreational facilities do they offer? What size are group activities and therapy?

What is the ratio of staff to client? Will my personal needs be accommodated? Above all, we should take comfort in our healing.

Comfortable Treatment

We should also be comfortable in our treatment. Recovery may be the hardest thing we have ever done, so we need to give ourselves the most advantages possible.

That begins with being comfortable with the staff. Are they warm, friendly, and genuinely interested in helping us? Or are we just another number?

When we speak to them, do they try to get as much information about us as they can to help us? Or are they just interested in filling out paperwork?

We need to be comfortable with the treatment plans and also the types of therapy, too. We do not want to be treated like everyone who has ever been to rehab – treated with a single plan for treatment and then moves on.

We want staff who take the time to allow us to heal in the ways that are most comfortable as possible for us. We want to be treated as equals, not talked down to or shamed.

We want to be shown respect and dignity, just like the respect and dignity we are learning to give ourselves. We deserve to have options in treatment, options in therapy, and options in exercise, physical therapy, and other activities. 

Most importantly, we want our healing to be complete, so we want to find a facility that focuses on comprehensive, holistic healing: mind, body, and soul.

The services they offer should include things to help us heal holistically, such as meditation, breathwork, and yoga, but also things like massage, acupuncture, and hypnosis, to integrate into our healing process.

Be Inspired by Your Surroundings

Sometimes, we don’t get to recover in beautiful surroundings. But what if we could? What if there were beautiful accommodations located in beautiful surroundings?

Being surrounded by serenity and peace can give our souls peace and tranquility as we recover. Imagine engaging in our healing process and being inspired by beautiful, luxurious surroundings, which are surrounded by natural beauty?

We can get away from work, busy streets, busy schedules, and the lights and sounds of our worlds and find a place of peace and natural beauty to inspire our healing.

You are Worth It

If we are striving to be our best, shouldn’t we also surround ourselves with the best? This is not a judgment or condemnation. This is how we are restoring our lives, restoring our souls.

We should be showing ourselves grace in order to heal, rather than continuing on the path of judgment and self-loathing. Our first step in the recovery process is believing that we have value as a human being.

Fighting for our self-worth and forgiveness, not disparaging and punishing ourselves. We deserve to give ourselves the best chances for healing by showing ourselves that we are worth it.

How can we find comfort in rehab? We can give ourselves the luxury and support that we deserve. We can seek both physical and emotional comfort in the facility we choose, as well as the people, services, and surroundings.

Showing ourselves that we are worthy of support on every level shows us that we love ourselves and are committed to our healing. Find your comfort. Find your healing. Find yourself.

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