Holistic Treatment and Recovery from Addiction
Holistic Treatment and Recovery

Holistic Treatment and Recovery from Addiction

Holistic Treatment and Recovery

Holistic Treatment Addresses All Aspects of the Recovering Person

Many people think that addiction only affects the physical body. This is understandable, but it is entirely untrue.

Addiction also has a profound effect on your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Although it may not seem like it, treating the physical effects of addiction (with a medical detox, for example) is sometimes easier than addressing these other components.

Addiction has long-lasting implications that extend well beyond the realm of the physical body. For this reason, at AToN Center, we have integrated holistic practices into our addiction treatment program. In addition to traditional modalities, each client receives four holistic therapeutic sessions per week. This allows us to heal every aspect of the recovering person.

What is Holistic Treatment?

In simple terms, holistic treatment incorporates nontraditional practices into the addiction recovery process. For years, treatment centers relied solely on conventional approaches like the 12 Steps, group therapy, individual counseling, and relapse prevention to treat the problem of addiction. Today, we have much broader understanding of how addiction affects the individual.

At AToN Center, we recognize that a single modality doesn’t successfully meet the needs of every individual seeking recovery. Therefore, we offer various methodologies in order to capture the needs of each client. This includes holistic treatment.

Six Holistic Practices Used During Addiction Treatment at Aton Center

Here are a few of the many holistic healing activities we offer:

Yoga: The ancient tradition of yoga was once only popular in the East. In the past 25 years, it has become a vital part of Western society and is now a common practice at addiction treatment centers across the United States. At AToN Center, our certified yoga instructor leads regular sessions to promote spirituality, physical health, emotional wellbeing, and mental wellness.

Meditation: Many people who are new to recovery are intimidated by the holistic practice of meditation. This is unfortunate. Meditation has a number of scientifically proven health benefits. There is nothing fancy about meditation. It involves sitting quietly with the mind to silence mental chatter and improve clarity.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that involves the insertion of very tiny needles into the skin at strategic points on the body. It restores health by removing energy imbalances and blockages to restore a vital energy known as “qi” (pronounced “chee”). Acupuncture can decrease cravings for drugs and alcohol, reduce withdrawal symptoms, relieve tension, and promote relaxation. It is also effective for pain management.

Massage: This holistic practice is beneficial during all of the stages of the recovery process: withdrawal, detoxification, and ongoing abstinence. Massage has the unique ability to reestablish the mind-body-spirit connection, which becomes fragmented as the result of continued substance abuse.

Breathwork: The intentional control of breathing significantly improves a recovering person’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical sense of wellness. Deep inhalations and forced exhalations can initiate a meditative state, which produces feelings of tranquility and wellness.

Personal Training Believe it or not, exercise is a hollistic approach to treating addiction. It promotes mental health, physical wellness, and helps to balance emotions. At AToN Center, you will work individually with your very own personal trainer to incorporate physical fitness into your recovery plan. We recognize that each of our clients has unique requirements regarding exercise so our trainers meet everyone on their level.

How Does Holistic Treatment Aid the Recovery Process?

We have given you a brief overview of six holistic practices offered here at AToN Center. Now, let’s talk about why we feel these activities are so vital to the recovery process.

Holistic treatment has the following effects:

  • Reduces the physical distress caused by withdrawal symptoms
  • Restores the mind-body-spirit connection
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Boosts mood to combat depression
  • Promotes healthy, restful sleep
  • Quiets mental chatter
  • Lessens cravings for drugs and alcohol
  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • Helps manage chronic pain
  • Improves quality of life
  • Increases mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Enhances the experience of joy in recovery

Clients who stay with us greatly value the holistic treatment practices we offer. Individual counseling, programs like SMART Recovery, and group dynamics are very important. But, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and other activities enhance the recovery process in a unique way.

We Encourage Clients To Develop Their Own Spirituality

Some people shy away from holistic healing because they do not want to feel pressured to subscribe to any particular religious or spiritual belief. At AToN Center, we allow our clients complete freedom to cultivate their own sense of spirituality. We do not promote any dogma, religion, or ideology.

Others may be completely comfortable with our holistic approach to addiction treatment, but feel intimidated by activities like yoga, meditation, or breathwork. This is completely understandable. Trying something new can feel scary. Our holistic healers are skilled in their field and they meet each client at their own individual level.

Want to learn more about the value of holistic addiction treatment? Check out this article and hear what leading experts are saying about nontraditional approaches to recovery.

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