Exposure Outings During Residential Treatment
Exposure Outings During Residential Treatment AToN

Exposure Outings During Residential Treatment

Residential treatment can oftentimes feel like a “bubble.” Because our residents are under 24 hour supervision and accompanied every time they leave campus – along with the healing that takes place in treatment – we can underestimate the strength of our addiction. An important part of AToN’s treatment includes our weekend exposure sessions. Every Friday, residents review their anticipated triggers for the weekend and discuss how they plan on coping.

Exposure Outings During Residential Treatment

On Saturday and Sunday, our residents are taken off campus with our staff with the purpose of exposing them to the outside world and to safely practice their coping skills. Our residents particularly enjoy our dinner out, where they are taken to a fine restaurant and are exposed to wine lists on their table and are in view of the restaurant bar. Many of our residents have been surprised by the strength of these triggers and have the opportunity to cope with their staff and peers as support.

On Monday mornings, residents discuss how they managed their triggers and cravings that occurred over the weekend. In particular, it is highlighted which obstacles emerged that were not anticipated! It could be a family concern that erupted over the weekend, or the smell of marijuana as they are in the restaurant parking lot. If indicated in our resident’s treatment plan, we also provide individualized exposure sessions to assist our residents in their life after treatment.

We take all opportunities to prepare our residents for life outside of residential treatment in order to help them live a life with higher purpose moving forward. If you or a loved one needs assistance, please don’t hesitate to call AToN Center for help.

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