DISARM – A SMART Recovery Tool
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DISARM – A SMART Recovery Tool

DISARM - A SMART Recovery Tool

DISARM = Destructive Images and Self-talk Awareness and Refusal Method

Using this tool can be essential in combating the urge to use substances or behaviors we are trying to let go of. When learning this tool we look at the images or thoughts that lead to a decision to pick up old behaviors or addictive substances. It is helpful to first be able to see these thoughts or images as rationalizations, distortions, or lies we tell ourselves and to distinguish this from the truth.

We then look at this voice inside of us as the Enemy and identify how to defeat the enemy using powerful countering statements to talk back to these urges and ideas. We can have fun with this, naming the enemy, and giving it identification as our addiction talking and not our recovering self.

As we learn to identify the thoughts that are fueling our desire to use rather than our desire to heal and recover we go into Attack on these lies being as aggressive as needed to counter the ideas.

Lastly we use a Re-Focus to bring in images and and other thoughts that are consistent with our recovery, with freedom from addiction, and in line with our values. This can be really helpful to think of the dreams we would like to achieve, the family that loves and needs us sober, and or activities that demand a clear mind.

DISARM can become a working part of the mind with practice and in time automatic thoughts can become more of our reality.

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