AToN’s High Standard of Care for Detoxification
AToN’s High Standard of Care for Detoxification

AToN’s High Standard of Care for Detoxification

AToN’s High Standard of Care for Detoxification

AToN Center is unique and stands apart from other treatment centers in many ways.  One of them is AToN’s high standard of care for detoxification.  AToN Center is licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services to provide Incidental Medical Services – and are among the first treatment programs to obtain this license.  As a part of this high standard,  AToN Center provides 24/7 monitoring by our talented Registered Nursing Staff.  These staff are warm and compassionate and are often complimented by our residents for their high caliber of service.

Detoxification occurs in one of our comfortable homes, with no more than six clients in residence at a time.  This ensures that all of our clients have more than adequate supervision and feel safe and cared for.  Our clients are highly encouraged to attend groups during this time and are typically able to do so as the groups are in the same home in which they reside.   Many clients report that attending groups during detoxification is a positive experience as it helps them distract from their discomfort and bond with their peers.

If you or a loved one needs this specialized service, please don’t hesitate to contact AToN Center for more information.

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Clinical Director
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