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Cocaine Addiction in San Diego

AToN is a luxury detox and rehab facility with various personalized programs for people who want to fight their cocaine addiction. By taking advantage of our services, you are giving yourself a chance to start a new, drug-free life.

More than a million people in the United States have a cocaine use disorder. This stimulant is far from being a one-time party drug. Besides affecting the nervous system and causing several health problems, cocaine is highly addictive.

If you or your loved one struggle with a cocaine addiction, it’s not too late to get professional assistance. AToN has a team of medical experts who arrange a practical and comfortable healing process.

What Is Cocaine Exactly?

Cocaine is a dangerous drug with highly addictive properties. When cocaine enters your body, it affects dopamine (a chemical that your brain releases to make you feel good). The drug causes dopamine to build up and create a much stronger effect than it would when you experience pleasure naturally. 

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Short-Term vs. Long-Term Effects

The short-term effects of cocaine are pleasant. However, long-term use can change the way your brain functions. Eventually, it could lead to stroke, depression, and anxiety.

Cocaine is an extract from the coca plant leaves that grows in South America. Before scientists discovered its adverse effects, people used this stimulant as a painkiller. Chewing on the coca leaves could reduce pain, tame hunger, and fight fatigue.

Cocaine Today

Today, people generally sniff or inject cocaine. Some drug manufacturers put various additives into the cocaine powder, including corn starch, sugar, and talcum powder. Others mix in different drugs, such as heroin.  Some additives can be even more dangerous for your health than the drug itself.

Is Cocaine Addictive?

Cocaine is an addictive stimulant. It’s possible to develop a cocaine dependence after one-time use. Two main reasons why it’s so addictive are:

  • The sense of pleasure, excitement, and euphoria that comes after the first use is strong. This causes the person to crave it over and over again.
  • As the person’s tolerance to cocaine increases, they need higher amounts of the substance to experience the same effect, worsening the effects of cocaine withdrawal.

Unfortunately, cocaine tolerance increases quickly, causing a person to develop a substance use disorder. This disorder is treatable but requires a professional cocaine rehab program.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction signs can vary from person to person. For some people, they may not become evident for some time. Others experience intense symptoms after the first few uses.

Common withdrawal signs include:

A person who practices cocaine abuse regularly usually has a runny nose, nosebleeds, dilated pupils, and poor hygiene habits. They are likely to experience problems with finances, relationships, and work. 

How To Treat Cocaine Addiction

Contrary to a common misconception among people who use cocaine, the drug abuse doesn’t go away when you decide to stop using. Substance use is a disorder that requires professional medical attention.

A successful cocaine treatment is holistic. It generally includes detoxification, medication to ease the withdrawal, counseling, support groups, talking therapies, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Cocaine Addiction Treatment at AToN

AToN takes a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to cocaine addiction treatment. Our main goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life and minimize the chance of relapse.

As the leading drug and alcohol rehab center in California, AToN takes an individual approach to each person who struggles with cocaine addiction.

A strong team of medical professionals specializing in addiction treatment evaluate each patient’s needs and design an individual program that can yield the best results.

In our luxury cocaine addiction treatment center, patients who work on their cocaine addiction problem feel comfortable and cared for every step of the way. AToN creates a pleasant environment with excellent views, nutritious meals, massages, and other supportive treatment opportunities.  

Cocaine Addiction Programs We Offer

AToN offers several cocaine addiction programs that help each patient through their journey to full recovery. Our medical staff conducts a personal evaluation of each patient to determine the best course of cocaine abuse treatment.

  • if the patient needs to undergo detoxification, they enter a professional detox program. Besides continuous monitoring by medical experts, this program includes medication assisted treatment to ease withdrawal symptoms. 
  • this comprehensive program includes both detox and treatment tactics. It starts with complete detoxification to alleviate immediate symptoms and goes on to evidence-based treatment. Patients can take advantage of individual counseling, medication management, support groups, and addiction education.
  • once the patient completes the detox and rehab program, a new journey begins. We offer an after-care program to support our patients while they get their lives back on track. It includes individualized recommendations, discharge planning, outpatient treatment, and more.
  • cocaine usage often causes the cocaine users to suffer from such mental health issues as anxiety and depression. Our medical team structures the treatment program to deal with co-occurring disorders simultaneously.
  • Besides counseling and medication, AToN patients also take advantage of holistic treatment programs that include energy healing, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, personal training, and much more.

While taking care of your body and its fight against cocaine addiction, AToN Center also focuses on healing the mind. Since a big part of any drug addiction is psychological, it’s imperative to take a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Find Healing in California with AToN

AToN Center is a luxury cocaine addiction treatment facility that caters to people who want to fight their addiction and start living a full life. Our programs are designed to support people as they gain freedom from addiction.

If your loved one is struggling with a cocaine addiction, it is best to seek treatment immediately. AToN Center can offer various substance abuse treatment program options for people struggling with cocaine addiction. 

Our treatment professionals are ready to support you or a loved one as they start their journey to long-term recovery.

Get in touch with our specialists to arrange a same-day admission or get an actionable consultation today.

Ambien Generic: Zolpidem

Ambien is a popular sleep medication, and most people do not experience adverse side effects that prevent them from continuing to use the drug. Some people have minor or severe side effects that greatly affect their daily activities.

Ambien is a prescription medication used for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Some users take Ambien recreationally for some of these side-effects, notably sedation, hallucinations and euphoria. Ambien becomes addictive if taken for extended periods of time, due to drug tolerance and physical dependence or the eurphoria it can sometimes produce. Under the influence of the drug, patients may take more Ambien than is necessary, due to either forgetting that one has already taken a pill (elderly users are particularly at risk here) or knowingly taking more than the prescribed dosage. The release of Ambien CR (zolpidem tartrate extended release) in the United States renewed interest in the drug among recreational drug users.

Trade names of zolpidem include Adormix, Ambien, Ambrien CR, Edluar, Zolpimist, Damixan, Hyponogen, Ivedal, Lioran, Myslee, Nasen, Nytamel, Sanaval, Somidem, Stilnoct, Stilnox, Stilnox CR, Sucedal, Zodorm, Zoldem, Zolnod and Zolpihexal

If you or a loved one is suffering from Ambien abuse and addiction, our private rehab and prescription drug treatment in San Diego can help.