Addiction Recovery Month Survey Results
Addiction Recovery Month Survey Results

Addiction Recovery Month Survey Results

Recovery Month Survey Results

It is Recovery Month in the U.S. and Canada and CBC News reported on a new recovery-related survey. Conducted by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA), the survey is the first of its kind and examined the lives of Canadians in recovery. Surveyors were hoping for 300 participants, and over 800 people responded. Here is a snapshot of some of the results:

  • 62% of recovering Canadians surveyed had completed post-secondary education.
  • 78% were employed.
  • 49% were married and 61% had children.

Rand Teed, who is a drug educator and counselor, organized the survey. He noted that stigma is still the biggest obstacle to recovery. He said the second biggest barrier to change was access, meaning people couldn’t get help when they were ready to make a change. Respondents also noted the significant change in their productivity and quality of life after entering recovery. Teed also noted the dramatic drop-off in violence that people in recovery experienced.

Click Here for More information about September Recovery Month.

Here are the key findings as summarized by CCSA: 

Recovery is positive, achievable and sustainable.

Recovery brings positive citizenship — engagement with family, friends, the community and the workforce. The vast majority of individuals in recovery describe a positive quality of life.

Individuals use many different pathways in their recovery journey, including professional treatment services, informal supports and mutual-support groups.

Many individuals experience challenges and barriers starting their recovery journey, including problems accessing services, financial barriers with privately funded treatment services and facilities, and more. However, fewer individuals experience barriers to sustaining recovery.

Whether in the US or another country, AToN Center can truly be your gateway to recovery. We see the benefits of recovery everyday, and we know recovery is possible for everyone.

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