5 Ways To Get And Stay Sober in 2018

5 Ways To Get And Stay Sober in 2018

5 Ways To Get And Stay Sober in 20181. Get Motivated! Building internal motivation is critical for long-term sobriety. You have to want to be sober. One simple tool to help increase motivation is a Cost Benefit Analysis. Try making a list of the benefits and costs of using a substance. Alternatively, what are the benefits and costs of NOT using the same substance?
2. Be Honest with Yourself. Reflect on how your life is going and if you are where you want to be. Areas to look at include your relationships with family and friends, your career, and your current living situation. Ask yourself, “is this where I want to be in life?” If not, what is impeding you from getting there. How do you envision your life?
3. Start Small. Set one small goal like calling a treatment center to get information or going to a meeting.
4. Be Persistent. The old adage, anything worth having is worth working for, is true. Recovery is not easy, don’t expect it to be. Yes, it will get easier with time, but there will always be challenging moments. Determination to follow through may be things like going to an online meeting, holding yourself accountable, and/or getting treatment.
5. Have Fun! Seek out new activities that you enjoy and surround yourself with people that support you.
Happy New Year- may it be happy, healthy and prosperous!
Dr. Sanders & The AToN Center Team
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